LED Roadway Lighting Photo Shoot

LED Roadway Lighting 3 before and after

One of the challenges and thrills of doing commercial photography is that you never know what you will be working on next.  LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. is a Canadian-owned and operated clean technology company that designs and manufactures LED (light-emitting diode) based street and area lighting fixtures and control systems.

LRL is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with manufacturing centers in Amherst, Nova Scotia and Victoria, British Columbia. www.ledroadwaylighting.com

As a commercial photographer in Ottawa I was fortunate enough to be hired to photograph the before and after results of new street lighting at the National Research Council here in Ottawa.

The assignment called for a night time visit in January to shoot the before lighting of the typical street lights that we are all familiar with.  The second part was to go back a few weeks later once the replacement LED technology was installed and shoot the difference.

There were a couple of challenges with this photo shoot. First off it is -30c  Not much fun for my Nikon or me.  The second challenge was How do you make street lighting exciting to photograph?  BUT I have to tell you now that this work is completed… I truly think all street lights from now on should be this LED technology.  It is shocking to me how much of a difference it makes.  This is not something the common person thinks about but the difference could mean a huge difference for safety and I am sure the cost to run street lighting which is all around us in any big city.

I think my mission was accomplished in the end.  Take a look at these before and after photographs and see for yourself the difference this product makes.

LED Roadway Lighting 2 before and after LED Roadway Lighting Photo Shoot

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