Tuscany – an Ottawa Wedding Photographer’s dream!

Tuscany - An Ottawa Wedding Photographer's Dream by Todd Langille

Tuscany truly is a Wedding Photographer’s Dream: It is the stereo-typical love story.. Old European charm, love in the air, good food, excellent friends, wine and beautiful people.  Weddings are beautiful days all on their own let alone when you have it in Tuscany, Italy.

I had the good fortune, even though I am an Ottawa wedding photographer, to shoot a wedding in Tuscany a little while back and I have to tell you Tuscany is everything your heart can imagine.

It is the rolling hills….

Tuscany - An Ottawa Wedding Photographer's Dream by Todd LangilleAnd the people who live there…

The rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding was held in this war-time hotel in the middle of a small town. This building had to be 150 years old and as elegant as you can imagine.  Life seems so simple there.  As I entered the hotel to go to the restaurant inside I was introduced to the owner who was in his nineties and his son who now runs the restaurant.  I think this photograph of the restaurant’s owners reflects not only the people of Tuscany – family, memories and good wine – but this Tuscan wedding itself.

Tuscany - An Ottawa Wedding Photographer's Dream by Todd Langille

Now I haven’t posted one wedding photograph of the bride yet but if you are like me you are already feeling the charm of this town and its’ people. 


Tuscany - An Ottawa Wedding Photographer's Dream by Todd Langille

If you are thinking of getting married in Tuscany this year, next year or anytime actually, count me in.  I am your Ottawa Wedding Photographer willing to go to Tuscany with you.. If you are getting married in Ottawa or Picton Ontario I am pretty sure we can make your wedding photographs look amazing too.  Maybe amazing without the Tuscan Countryside but surely amazing!  Who knows?  If you can’t have your wedding in Tuscany you certainly can celebrate an anniversary or two there.

I photograph weddings, engagement portraits, portraits in Ottawa and Picton Ontario.  Contact me by email here or phone for availabilities and pricing.


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